Global Health Innovation is developing a portfolio of opportunities in a number of key spaces, each of which has the potential to reshape health care in the years ahead.

With a vision that data will be the currency in healthcare, Merck GHI invests broadly in Digital Health. GHI is building a carefully integrated portfolio of investments that are outside of Merck's core pharmaceuticals and vaccines businesses. As a strategic growth investor, GHI's goal is to grow emerging health care solutions into meaningful businesses. Companies we invest in typically have current revenues, a strong business plan and high growth potential.


  • Precision Medicine
    Solutions ensuring delivery of the right treatment to the right patient at the right time (e.g., remote monitoring, closed loop, molecular profiling)
  • Clinical Awareness & Decision Support
    Facilitating better health outcomes through improved workflow and informatics (e.g., clinical decision support, workflow solutions)
  • Quality & Performance Improvement
    Enabling providers to improve quality of care while eliminating unnecessary costs (e.g., infection control, population health management, care coordination)
  • Provider & Patient Engagement
    Solutions enabling providers and patients to jointly achieve desired outcomes (e.g., therapy adherence, communication solutions)


  • Health Informatics & Analytics
    Transforming big data into meaningful information that produces better health care decisions (e.g., big data analytics, visualization, post-market informatics)
  • Health Data Liberation
    Enabling interoperability through aggregation, harmonization and integration (e.g., cloud solutions, privacy and security, data aggregation)