Our global experience, health care expertise and worldwide connections significantly enhance the value of an investment from GHI.


Provides rapid diagnostics to effectively identify hospital acquired infections

Portfolio of molecular, CLIA lab and in vitro diagnostics enabling early detection, and differential diagnosis of complex diseases

A premier, next-generation clinical reference laboratory committed to advancing cardiovascular risk assessment through unique and proprietary diagnostic tests

Simple-to-use, robust, and fast platform for point-of-care testing with inexpensive, disposable microfluidics cartridges

Electrocore has developed the first self-administered transdermal vagus nerve stimulator

Genomic tests for prostate and urologic cancers that impact decision making on treatment choice to improve outcomes and lower costs

Predictive analytics based on passive monitoring of daily living activities to identify potential high impact events for senior care facilities

Provides a platform technology enabling real-time decision support analytics for provider systems

In-hospital care management mobile health solution that allows health care providers to ensure better care coordination

Platforms to connect life sciences companies with Health Care Practitioners via its large Health Care Practitioner network and partnerships

Allows physicians and Healthcare Providers to create a personalized prevention planning, weight management, and wellness business within their existing practice

Closed-loop wireless remote monitoring service using the only FDA-approved algorithm for cardiovascular monitoring

Molecular imaging reference lab delivering relevant valuable quantitative information from clinically qualified imaging biomarkers

The only FDA cleared healthcare intervention solution that has proven to reduce A1C levels for patients living with type 2 diabetes


ClearDATA Networks provides cloud computing infrastructure and managed services

Image exchange and patient referral management services to hospitals and Health Information Exchanges

Next-generation clinical informatics solutions powered by rich, large and longitudinal patient datasets (Exited to United HealthGroup January 2013)

Suite of software solutions to enable data integration, harmonization and management in the cloud

Transforms clinical lab data and makes it accessible and usable for patients, providers and healthcare company analytics

Reliable predictions about future R&D outcomes by harnessing the collective wisdom of their organization and outside experts

Develops tools to help healthcare and research institutions build and manage purpose-specific research databases

Contact center solutions including sophisticated consumer analytics from a wealth of unstructured data