America’s Diabetes Challenge: Get to Your Goals is a program from Merck to raise awareness among people with type 2 diabetes about the importance of working with their doctors to set and reach their A1C goals. The program also aims to help them learn if they are at risk of low blood glucose and how to help reduce that risk.

Thousands of people across the country shared through the program that type 2 diabetes management isn’t always easy, and four common challenges were identified – eating healthy, exercising, sticking to a treatment plan and coping with the disease. In response, America’s Diabetes Challenge offered tips to help people with type 2 diabetes and their loved ones tackle these challenges head on.

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More than 30 million adults in the U.S. are living with diabetes.


90-95 percent of them have type 2 diabetes.

A Touch of Sugar explores the diabetes health care epidemic that affects every community in the U.S., told through the voices of people united in their struggle with this chronic disease. Diabetes management doesn’t occur in isolation. These stories bring to life the emotional challenges, social factors and public perceptions that have a significant impact, but go unnoticed far too often.

Created in collaboration with Merck and directed by Ani Simon-Kennedy, the film attests to the resiliency of the human spirit and challenges the national perception of life with type 2 diabetes. Interviews with patients and their loved ones, as well as doctors, advocates and thought leaders in the space, explore the larger diabetes ecosystem at work and help to reinforce type 2 diabetes as an urgent public health issue that cannot be ignored, especially among underserved populations.

As Shenekqual prepares for her wedding, Stewart heads to Capitol Hill, Niurka provides for her family, and Susie searches for the support she needs, A Touch of Sugar sheds light on how we must fight the stigma associated with the disease and confront this epidemic – one patient and one community at a time.


If you are one of the millions of Americans affected by type 2 diabetes or if you are inspired to help make a difference for this community, visit Here, you can learn how to offer your support, and access tips to tackle common diabetes challenges.



of adults with type 2 diabetes are not at their A1C goal

A main goal of type 2 diabetes management is to control your blood glucose and to reach the A1C goal you’ve established with your doctor. About one-third of adults with type 2 diabetes are not at their A1C goal. The American Diabetes Association recommends that people with diabetes have an individualized A1C goal; the goal for many adults with diabetes is less than 7 percent. A higher or lower goal may be appropriate for some people, which is why it is important for people with diabetes to speak with their doctors about what goals are right for them.


Many people with diabetes are aware of the importance of managing high blood glucose through diet, exercise and medicine (if prescribed), but they may not know that blood glucose can also go too low. This is known as hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia may be caused by skipping meals, excessive exercise and certain diabetes medicines, and can make you feel shaky, dizzy, sweaty or hungry and, sometimes, faint. If left untreated, hypoglycemia may lead to a seizure or loss of consciousness. People living with diabetes should work with their doctors to learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of both high and low blood glucose, and talk to their doctors if they are experiencing any problems with high and low blood glucose.