The Merck manufacturing Leadership Development Program


The Merck Manufacturing Leadership Development Program (MMLDP) is an entry-level manufacturing and leadership development program designed to develop emerging talent for critical positions of increasing responsibility within the Merck Manufacturing Division (MMD), the arm of our company devoted to formulating, packaging and distributing Merck products.

Each successful candidate will have three, one-year rotations aligned to a technical, operations or business focus. Following the program, LDP members apply to jobs in MMD to continue their careers in manufacturing.

MMLDP: What to Expect

  • Members are placed in rotations that represent key business priorities to foster their development
  • A learning and development plan helps to supplement the rotational experience
  • A mentoring program is provided at three levels to coach each LDP member in career and leadership development
  • Bi-annual program meetings and a cohort project facilitate a tight-knit network
  • All MMLDP members receive a competitive salary and access to the full benefits programs offered by Merck
  • One-year international assignments as well as international travel within domestic assignments are offered as the program experience includes MMD network sites across the globe

MMLDP Memories

Want to know what the MMLDP is like? Program alumni share their experiences.

How to Apply:

Successful candidates are new college graduates with a B.S. or M.S. in key STEM or supply chain majors, with a focus on biopharmaceutical.

They will be selected through a rigorous assessment process to evaluate academic understanding in their fields as well as demonstrated leadership and leadership potential. We accept applications in the early fall; check back here for more information.

“The goal of MMLDP is simple: Find and develop the future manufacturing leaders of Merck.”

Francisco Toste, associate vice president MMLDP Sponsor Management

“The MMLDP provides personal and professional growth. I’m constantly energized by the members of our program and their contributions to Merck.”

Michelle Beardslee Davis, associate director North America MMLDP Lead

“The end result of a MMLDP rotation is a well-rounded employee who can easily transition from the shop floor to critical leadership roles.”

Elyse Bealer, program director MMD New Talent Development

More About Merck Manufacturing Division

At MMD, we manufacture, package and distribute Merck products to more than 140 markets around the world. Our facilities, suppliers and partners comprise a global manufacturing network that is committed to delivering medicines and vaccines to customers and patients.