Building on our partnership with (RED)

We are providing an additional $1.2 million grant to support (RED) in its efforts to end AIDS

December 16, 2020

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In the continuing effort to fight HIV/AIDS, our company has committed $1.2 million over two years to (RED), a division of The ONE Campaign.  Our funding will support (RED)’s key awareness campaigns to bring critical awareness to the global AIDS crisis and the need to fund the Global Fund’s efforts to end the HIV epidemic.  To date, (RED) has generated over $650 million to fight AIDS and helped more than 180 million people through Global Fund grants for prevention, treatment, counseling, HIV testing and care services.

This new commitment builds on our partnership with (RED). Last year, we provided a grant of approximately $1 million to support PAINT (RED) SAVE LIVES – a global street art campaign to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in advance of the Global Fund’s sixth Replenishment Conference in October 2019. Over $14 billion was pledged at the conference with the goal of saving 16 million lives and ending the epidemics of HIV/AIDS, TB (tuberculosis) and malaria by 2030. That was before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

“The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to reverse years of progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS as already-weakened health systems face more challenges,” says Carmen Villar, vice president, Social Business Innovation. “We are proud of our company’s continued support for (RED), an organization that is working closely with the Global Fund to help protect HIV/AIDS programs for vulnerable patients and communities, especially in Africa, during these unprecedented times.”

Through the power of science and collaboration, we are working to end HIV. Our company is a committed and collaborative leader in the global effort to advance HIV research and care, and we are driving forward with pioneering science that we hope will help define the next chapter in HIV. There are still significant unmet medical needs for HIV patients, and our scientists are working tirelessly to look for new innovations in treatment.

We hope you share our excitement in helping to save and improve lives through our company’s continuing commitment to help end the HIV epidemic. For more information about (RED) and its campaigns, visit