Celebrating Merck’s first Global Patient Week

During our inaugural Global Patient Week (October 5–9), we will celebrate the journeys of patients by sharing their stories and giving them a voice.

October 5, 2020

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We are inspired by the patients we serve each day. During our inaugural Global Patient Week (October 5–9), we will celebrate the journeys of patients by sharing their stories and giving them a voice.  

This means, listening to patients’ experiences so we can understand their needs and try to better help them.  

Patients, caregivers, advocacy leaders and clinicians will share their personal experiences and perspectives. As we share these experiences, our goal is to continue to inspire and energize employees to adopt a patient-centric approach to their work every day, no matter their role within the company.   

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Now more than ever—as we face a global pandemic, intensifying social and racial inequalities and an economic crisis—it is crucial to deepen our efforts to give all people access to the quality health care they deserve.