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How Merck prioritizes health, safety and quality in manufacturing practices

March 16, 2021

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Our highest priorities are the health and safety of patients and our employees as well as the quality of our medicines and vaccines. That’s why we produce our medicines and vaccines to the highest standards, in full compliance with regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) based on U.S. and international requirements and industry best practices.

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All our manufacturing facilities around the world operate under strict, well-documented safety and quality protocols. We train our employees comprehensively on the procedures they need to follow to carry out their duties in a compliant manner under the careful watch of our shop-floor supervisors and our quality monitors and auditors, who operate independently from operations.  We operate a program of personnel and environmental monitoring throughout the process of manufacturing our sterile vaccines and medicines in order to ensure that the quality of the operating environment is of the required, highest standard.

“Every decision we make here in the manufacturing areas, we make it with the patient safety in mind.”

Christy Mineweaser

Manager, technical operations

“At Merck, quality is everyone’s responsibility.”

Dimpalben Patel

Associate director, quality control


“I was at the doctor’s office with my two kids, and I explained to my daughter that the vial that was there was made at the site where I work. My daughter was thrilled to hear that. That made me feel proud.”

Grady McDonald

The medicines and vaccines we make are subjected to our extensive testing protocols prior to release; our vaccines are also subject to testing in many countries by independent health authorities and their laboratories, in accordance with regulations, before being released to the market. We fully embrace the regular and thorough oversight of our manufacturing facilities and practices by government agencies from across the globe. We believe this oversight serves to strengthen our unwavering commitment to safety, the patients who rely on us, and the quality of our medicines and vaccines. 

Our mission at Merck is to save and improve lives. We can help achieve that mission by bringing forward medicines and vaccines for the world’s most challenging diseases.

That’s our commitment to our patients all around the world.