Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath, BIO president and CEO, thanks Merck for investing in her

Dr. Michelle McMurry-Heath received her first “helping hand” from the biotechnology industry through the UNCF-Merck Fellows Program

June 8, 2020

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Every year, the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) holds its International Convention.  Due to COVID-19, the 2020 event entitled “Nothing Stops Innovation” is entirely digital.

As part of the BIO 2020 kick off, Michelle shares the moving and intensely personal story of her academic journey and introduction to the biotechnology industry through the UNCF-Merck Fellows Program, co-created by Dr. Tony Coles while he was a young scientist at Merck.  She credits the program with showing her how to find her voice, encouraging her to invest in herself and providing her a “clear picture of how science can help communities of color.”

Michelle closes her statement by reminding us the critical role our industry plays in solving some of the world’s most vexing problems – e.g., health care, sustainability and food insecurity.  “Talent is wasted if not nourished.  Research means nothing without development.”

Watch the video and be inspired by her powerful story.