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HPV and certain cancers: What you need to know

March 10, 2019

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Get informed about HPV

Learn more about the connection between human papillomavirus, or HPV, and certain cancers.

A common virus that can cause certain cancers in both men and women

HPV is a common virus that can have potentially serious consequences. In fact, HPV is so common that a majority of sexually active people will become infected in their lifetime. For most people, HPV clears on its own. But, for others who don’t clear the virus, it can cause certain cancers and other diseases. And there’s no way to predict who will or won’t clear the virus.

HPV doesn’t discriminate. Both men and women are at risk for the certain cancers and diseases it can cause. In women, HPV can cause cervical, vaginal and vulvar cancer. It can also cause anal cancer and genital warts in both women and men.

The impact of HPV


The estimated number of people in the U.S. infected with HPV each year.


2015 estimated U.S. incidence of cervical, vulvar, vaginal and anal cancers.


The probability of being infected with HPV by age 45 among sexually active people in the U.S.


The number of treatment options for HPV infection. While there may be treatments available for certain HPV-related cancers and diseases, there is no treatment available for HPV infection.

For more information about HPV, certain related cancers and preventative measures, speak with your doctor.