I’m a cancer survivor. Now what?

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July 1, 2020

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Bethany G

Four years after her stage 3 melanoma diagnosis, Bethany G. shows no signs of disease and is proud to be a cancer survivor. “Being done and knowing that you’re finished is the most satisfying thing,” says Bethany, mother of two young girls. “It’s like this prize that you win for going through all of this.”

Today, Bethany joins the millions of people in the U.S. who are cancer survivors. This growing number of cancer survivors is due in large part to advancements in detection and treatments that have helped to shift many types of cancers from acute to chronic diseases.

But while cancer survivorship is a celebrated victory, it is also often met with a host of complicated challenges. Once cancer treatment is over, many survivors, including Bethany, may be wondering about what comes next. And beyond the very real fears of reoccurrence, survivors face a host of challenges that are hard to anticipate or plan for, from emotional and mental strain to new physical limitations.

cancer survivor collage

“A lot of cancer patients search for their new ‘normal’ after treatment,” explains Bethany as she talks candidly about her identity as a survivor in a new video presented by Your Cancer Story – an online platform that provides information and support to people throughout every stage of the cancer journey, including survivorship. The website’s resources include tips on how to get important information about cancer care, ways to better communicate with loved ones and healthcare teams, strategies to cope with the emotional challenges of cancer, and inspiring stories from people who have been there before.

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