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CDC launches national 'Hear Her' maternal health communication campaign

August 13, 2020

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This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched Hear Her, a national communication campaign that brings attention to maternal mortality and provides support to pregnant and postpartum women to speak up when something does not feel right.

The multi-phased campaign is supported through a collaboration with the CDC Foundation and funding from Merck through Merck for Mothers, our company’s $500 million initiative to help create a world where no woman has to die while giving life.

“Building on our work in the United States and globally, we know that women’s experiences are essential in designing effective solutions to address preventable maternal mortality,” said Dr. Mary-Ann Etiebet, Lead and Executive Director of Merck for Mothers. “Through this campaign, the CDC will share critical information with pregnant and postpartum women – as well as their support networks – so that they can recognize the warning signs of a potential maternal health complication and be heard when they express concerns.”

Helping create a world where no woman has to die giving life

The U.S. is the only high-income country where maternal mortality is on the rise,1 with approximately 700 women dying each year as a result of pregnancy-related complications. Of these deaths, about 3 in 5 could be prevented, and about 1 in 3 occur one week to one year after delivery.2

The Hear Her campaign illustrates how recognizing critical maternal health warning signs and speaking up can save lives, through personal stories from women who experienced severe pregnancy-related complications. Hear Her also encourages the people supporting pregnant and postpartum women – family, friends, and health providers – to take action when concerns are expressed.

To learn more, you can find details about the campaign in the press release and on