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Taking on lung cancer is worth the fight

October 12, 2020

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Why we fight

“There is nothing like being in a room full of people who get it.”

Danielle Hicks

Caregiver & Chief Patient Officer, GO­₂ ­Foundation for Lung Cancer

“Support groups are a wonderful place for caregivers and patients alike to find unity and comfort in whatever it is they may be going through.”

Danielle Hicks

Caregiver & Chief Patient Officer, GO₂ ­Foundation for Lung Cancer


How to fight

Finding out you have advanced lung cancer is stressful and it can be hard to absorb all of the information shared. Conversations with your health care team can feel like a blur. 

A new survey showed that 9 out of 10 health care professionals (87%) felt it was easy for patients to ask questions when in the office. However, approximately 6 out of 10 people with advanced lung cancer (56%) reported they did not know what questions to ask. 

2 in 5

people with advanced lung cancer said deciding whether or not to undergo the treatment recommended by their doctor was one of their biggest challenges following diagnosis.

Take an active role in your health care by: 

  • Learning about your cancer online or in the library  
  • Asking for a second opinion  
  • Joining a cancer support group or speaking to others who have been through a similar experience 
good communication with your doctor will help

Here are three helpful tips:


Jot down a list of questions to ask your doctor or use the downloadable discussion guide below before appointments.


Don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re unsure or don’t understand something your doctor or nurse says.


Bring someone for support. They can listen and take notes when you speak with your health care team.

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What to know about advanced lung cancer: testing, diagnosis, treatment and next steps

If you have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer or are at increased risk, having accurate information about early detection, treatment options and next steps is critical in the fight against the disease.

Dr. Jacob Sands

“When my patients are first diagnosed, many of them feel overwhelmed and unsure of the right questions to ask. Yet at the same time, they need to make decisions about treatment. It is critically important for people with advanced lung cancer to have informed discussions with their health care team at the time of diagnosis so that they can understand the treatment options available to them.”

Dr. Jacob Sands
Thoracic Medical Oncologist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Worth the fight

Partners in the fight

Worth the Fight: Taking on Lung Cancer is a collaboration between Merck and GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.

If you are looking for additional support and information about lung cancer, visit GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer’s website.

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer

Founded by patients and survivors, GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer transforms survivorship as the world’s leading organization dedicated to saving, extending, and improving the lives of those vulnerable, at risk, and diagnosed with lung cancer. We work to change the reality of living with lung cancer by ending stigma, increasing public and private research funding, and ensuring access to care.

*Result according to a survey conducted by Merck and GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer of over 500 patients, caregivers and health care providers.

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