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Moving quickly to help support efforts to address the Ebola outbreak in Uganda

See how our people are planning to produce investigational vaccine for an urgent global health need

November 4, 2022

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Vials on a manufacturing line

We’re proud of our legacy in collaborating with others around the world who join together in the fight against Ebola Zaire.

With the advent of the Ebola Sudan virus outbreak in Uganda, our research and manufacturing teams in West Point, Pennsylvania, are mobilizing to contribute to this global health need. We plan to produce and donate vials of investigational candidate Sudan ebolavirus vaccine to IAVI, a global nonprofit scientific research organization, for further clinical research use in its ongoing Sudan ebolavirus vaccine development program that will help support World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) efforts to address the outbreak. Our collaborations with IAVI, WHO and other global organizations are a crucial component of these initiatives.

“I’m so proud of the many teams across our company who are working urgently to produce the investigational vaccine for IAVI so it can be used to support the research efforts against the current outbreak in Uganda,” said Beth-Ann Coller, distinguished scientist, clinical research. “We are honored to collaborate with IAVI and commend the leadership and courage of those in Uganda who are fighting this outbreak.”

We remain committed to working in collaboration with WHO and other health organizations to find ways we may support initiatives to address Ebola outbreaks.