Merck supports refugee and migrant relief efforts

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The current refugee and migrant crisis in Africa, Europe and the Middle East continues to affect not only those fleeing their home countries, but also the countries in which they seek asylum and through which they travel. The number of displaced people is more than half a million.

The majority of people seeking refuge and asylum are fleeing conflicts in Syria and other Middle East and African countries. The voyage to safe harbor has cost thousands of migrants their lives. European host and transit countries are working to manage the crisis.

Responding to the Need

In response to this crisis, Merck has donated $50,000 in response to Save the Children’s Child Refugee Crisis appeal. Save the Children is working with children and families in several countries to provide ongoing support, including medical and psychological care, accommodations, legal assistance, food and water.

In addition, the financial support Merck provides through the American Red Cross (ARC) Annual Disaster Giving Program will be used to help track and map the current European population movement activities. Over the past four years, the ARC has deployed specialists and spent nearly $2.5 million on relief efforts in Syria and its neighboring countries, namely Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, which are sheltering millions of Syrian refugees.

Merck will also match employee donations to eligible organizations that are responding to the crisis.

We will continue to work with our humanitarian aid partners to evaluate the need and determine additional ways to help.




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