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Diversity in clinical trials

We’re committed to helping people from all backgrounds address their health needs and ensuring that our research reflects the people we serve.

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Why is diversity in clinical trials so important?

Different people may have different reactions to the same medicine based on their age, gender, weight, race, ethnicity and other factors. Clinical trials rely on volunteers to participate, and they can help show if the medicines and vaccines are safe and work well for people from all different communities.


Participants in our clinical trials in 2022, at a glance:

Participants in our clinical trials

More than 88,000 participants enrolled in our clinical trials worldwide

Diversity in our clinical trials

Approximately 50% of our clinical trial participants were from historically underrepresented groups — both in the U.S. and globally

What we’re doing to increase diversity and inclusion in clinical trials

It’s critical that we enroll a broad and diverse community of people in our clinical trials, including individuals from underrepresented groups. People of different ethnicities or nationalities. Women, children and men. People of varying ages. LGBTQI+. People from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our recruitment process continues to evolve so that our clinical trials achieve the appropriate participant representation to help us safely bring new medicines to all people.

To ensure historically underrepresented groups are included in our research, we're:

Creating programs and policies that allow equal access to our trials 


Working with community-based organizations and patient advocacy groups
Removing barriers to participation  

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Clinical trials

Our progress is due in large part to the important and tough scientific questions we set to answer with our trials and collaborations. We are grateful to the thousands of volunteers who participate in our clinical trials — making this all possible.

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Our clinical studies are conducted globally in many different countries and in diverse populations, including people of varying age, race, ethnicity, gender and accounting for other potential disease related factors.


Hear from those who have been involved in clinical trials

“Diversity in our trials is not just an initiative – it’s our way of working. It’s woven into all steps of the trial process.”

Adrelia Allen

Executive director, clinical operations

“We need to put our trust in science — and follow practices that scientists recommend — to help save lives — especially Black lives.”

Denarra Simmons

Senior scientist


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