Where our science happens

Research based on innovation is at the core of who we are and what we do. We are fearless in our drive to solve problems though scientific research and development as we create medicines and vaccines that help save and improve lives. It starts with the capabilities and expertise at our facilities, but we are open to collaboration anywhere the science leads us.

Boston, MA

Our Boston Discovery Hub is located at the center of this vibrant life sciences community. Here, our team focuses on discovery research in immunology, oncology, diabetes and neuroscience.

Boston, MA facility

Cambridge, MA

Our Exploratory Science Center in Cambridge focuses on the earliest stages of discovery research — exploring the most promising areas of emerging science and technology.

Cambridge, MA facility

Kenilworth, NJ

Our Kenilworth site is our main biologics research and development hub. Our work here spans the discovery continuum, including preclinical development, with world class capabilities in biologics and synthetic chemistry.

Kenilworth, NJ facility

London, UK

Our UK Discovery teams are based in state-of-the-art research laboratories at the heart of London’s vibrant and world-leading life sciences community. Working side-by-side and collaboratively with academic institutions, our scientists are focusing on the most challenging diseases facing aging populations.

London, UK facility

Rahway, NJ

For more than a century, the Rahway campus has been home to many medical breakthroughs. Our world headquarters, this is a research-focused campus that includes core chemistry and preclinical development capabilities. Rahway has been recognized by the American Chemical Society as a National Historic Chemical Landmark.

Rahway, NJ facility

South San Francisco, CA

The South San Francisco Discovery Hub is the newest addition to our network. Here, our team is focused on expanding our innovative research in biologics — spanning exploratory research through early clinical development.

Merck office building and research site in South San Francisco

Upper Gwynedd, PA

The Upper Gwynedd site is headquarters for our U.S. Human Health Division and home to many of our research colleagues in clinical development and regulatory affairs. As part of our sustainable goals at research and manufacturing sites, we have a broad range of solar panels at this site that provide enough power to reduce the site’s energy consumption by 14 percent.

Upper Gwynedd, PA facility

West Point, PA

Our team in West Point supports core discovery, preclinical and clinical functional areas — researching, manufacturing and testing pharmaceuticals and vaccines. This is also our largest manufacturing facility in the U.S.

West Point