Diversity is woven into every aspect of our work.

We have three major resources to help implement our diversity strategy:

  • Global Diversity and Inclusion Center of Excellence: This is Merck's central office overseeing diversity and inclusion in all business practices
  • Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs): We've taken an innovative, global approach to our diversity strategy through the creation of Employee Business Resource Groups. These groups represent the diverse constituencies in our company, our customers and society, in general. The members represent different geographies, cultures and areas of expertise. Together they reflect Merck employees and customers globally. They are:
    • Women
    • Veterans
    • Hispanic/Latino
    • African Ancestry
    • Asia Pacific
    • Native American/Indigenous
    • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
    • Differently-able
    • Interfaith
  • Employee Resource Groups: These voluntary, Merck-supported groups or employee networks foster professional development, find informal mentors, participate in teams that provide business insights, and serve as an educational and cultural resource for other employees and business groups at Merck. These employees also act as contact points within their communities outside of work. Our Employee Resource Groups are:
    • Merck Women's Network
    • Veterans Leadership Network
    • Merck Hispanos Organization
    • League of Employees of African Descent
    • Asia Pacific Network
    • Merck Rainbow Alliance
    • Allies for Disabilities
    • Merck Interfaith Organization
    • Native American/Indigenous EBRG
    • Merck Network for Millennials
Staying true to who we are

Leadership Commitment

Diversity and inclusion are integrated into our leadership model, and are considered an essential leadership skill for all of our employees.

We expect all employees, beginning with our leaders, to achieve diversity and inclusion goals, which are used to gauge individual and company performance. We define, measure and reward diversity performance through a number of tools, including affirmative action plans and diversity objectives on our company scorecard.

U.S. Employee Demographics

U.S. Employee Demographics (2016)