Merck is pleased to team up with Mandy Moore

The singer and songwriter on helping women feel better prepared for whatever lies ahead

Program Overview

A collaboration between Merck and award-nominated singer-songwriter and actress, Mandy Moore, is encouraging women to plan ahead and get educated about family planning, including birth control options, so they can feel better prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Moore's life and career has been filled with adventures, and she knows first-hand the role setting goals and planning ahead can have in making informed decisions.

I want to encourage women to talk to their doctor to learn about their birth control options so they can evaluate how family planning fits into their lives.

–Mandy Moore

The Role of Family Planning

As part of the campaign, in 2017 Merck commissioned a national online survey* of 2,013 adult women to understand their current priorities and life goals. Among those surveyed, financial stability (98%), emotional development (94%), relationship security (86%), and career growth (81%) were identified among their top priorities.

The survey also identified that for many, their current priorities did not include starting or growing a family (40% among those without children and 39% among those with children, respectively). Among the 908 birth control users surveyed, nearly one in four women considered their options for less than 15 minutes before making a decision.

*The survey was conducted online within the U.S. by Kelton Global on behalf of Merck from January 3-12, 2017 among 2,013 nationally representative women ages 18-40.