Merck’s Susan Shiff Selected as One of 15 Fierce Women in Biopharma 2016

“Ultimately, our goal is to help patients get access to the health care they need in an affordable, effective, and efficient way.” - Susan Shiff, senior vice president and head of Merck’s Center for Observational and Real-World Evidence (CORE)

Since she joined Merck in 2014, Susan Shiff has been leading CORE, the arm of our company that harnesses “real-world” data to provide the best available information on the value of the medicines and vaccines that we bring to the market.

For this cutting-edge work, she’s been selected as one of 15 Fierce Women in Biopharma 2016, which honors women who are standing out in the biopharma industry. (Read her profile on FiercePharma.)

Susan sees CORE’s work as immeasurably beneficial for Merck and the health care system as a whole. “If we can understand which therapies benefit our patients the most, the impact on the health care system could be enormous,” she notes.