Melanoma was a total curveball, but my game plan came together with the support of my family and doctors. Everyone needs a game plan.
— Mike Schmidt, melanoma survivor

Mike Schmidt, considered the greatest third baseman in baseball history, spent 18 seasons in the Major Leagues racking up impressive stats and accolades, but today believes melanoma is the biggest game-changer of his life.


"As a professional athlete, I always felt invincible. Suddenly, I found myself losing weight and thinking dark thoughts," said Schmidt. "I worked closely with my doctors and family to determine my path forward so we weren't fooled by anything melanoma threw our way."

In August 2013, Schmidt noticed a lesion on his hand that looked suspicious. His dermatologist conducted a full examination and found a mole on Schmidt's back that he wanted to biopsy. The biopsy revealed Stage III melanoma, and Schmidt spent months fighting for his life trying different treatment approaches.

Now cancer-free, Schmidt advocates for sun prevention and has joined Your Cancer Game Plan to provide others battling melanoma with tools and resources.

Enduring Stage III melanoma not only gave me a greater appreciation for the relationships in my life, but a renewed sense of purpose. One way I can give back is to help others find the support, information and tools they need to make it through this journey.


After launching Your Cancer Game Plan earlier this year with Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, Merck is now expanding the program to help others impacted by cancer by partnering with melanoma survivor and Pro Baseball Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt, CancerCare and four leading melanoma patient organizations to help those with melanoma map out their own cancer "game plan." An online resource, Your Cancer Game Plan aims to help those with cancer and their loved ones.

Your Cancer Game Plan provides support and resources, including Schmidt's tips, on how to remain positive for those facing melanoma. The site also features video tips from patients, caregivers and advocates to help people living with melanoma communicate with family and friends, get the support they need, cope emotionally, enhance nutritional health, and much more.




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