Corporate Responsibility at Merck:

Finding New Ways to Create a Healthier and More Sustainable World

Brenda Colatrella
executive director, Corporate Responsibility

Operating responsibly is not only fundamental to Merck’s long-term success as a global biopharmaceutical company, it is also increasingly important to our stakeholders as expectations for how companies conduct themselves and contribute to society continue to rise.

How do we at Merck define corporate responsibility?

For Merck, our approach to corporate responsibility is about the health, economic, social and environmental impact we have on individuals and communities around the world. We hold ourselves accountable to our many stakeholders, including patients, employees, customers and shareholders, whose perspectives help to define our corporate responsibility priorities

Each year, we set a high bar for our performance when it comes to increasing access to our medicines and vaccines, protecting the environment, promoting a positive, diverse and inclusive workplace for our employees, and conducting business in an ethical and transparent manner.

In addition to responding to the needs of stakeholders, our corporate responsibility efforts also support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), the international community’s aspirations for improving the lives of the world’s poorest people by 2030. We have joined global leaders to address the goals on health and well-being, clean water, climate change, diversity and inclusion, responsible consumption and production and others. Our support of the SDGs is a testament to our company’s 125-year legacy of inventing for life to create a healthier world for all.

Below are a few highlights from our recently released corporate responsibility report that highlight our commitment to advance the social and economic conditions in the communities where we work and live:

2016/2017 Corporate Responsibility Report Highlights:

  • Amid public concern about drug pricing in the United States, we were one of the few pharmaceutical companies to provide information on our pricing, including our annual list, price increases, and the average discount rate for our medicines and vaccines.
  • We have established a new set of environmental goals to manage the impact of our operations, supply chain, products and packaging.
  • Throughout 2016, we continued to develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce. More than half of our new hires around the world were women, and in the U.S., 37 percent were individuals from underrepresented groups.

We are driven by our dedication to you—our customers, our employees, our partners and shareholders—to find new ways to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines and vaccines for a healthier world, while preserving the planet on which we all live, creating an inclusive workplace and conducting our business in an ethical and transparent manner. We will continue to build on our 125-year legacy of inventing for life to create a healthier and more sustainable world for all.

I encourage you to visit to read our 2016/2017 Corporate Responsibility Report.