What we buy

We actively collaborate with our suppliers and foster long-term relationships based on trust and shared values. By prioritizing responsible procurement and sharing environmental sustainability information, we advance innovative and sustainable solutions. These will result in reduced costs and improved products that reach the patients we serve around the world.

Product service area



  • Advertising services
  • Market research and data analytics
  • Marketing operations (patient access programs)
  • Media and communications

Energy, environmental sustainability and integrated logistics

  • Integrated logistics: transportation-related services, thermal protective services, warehouse and distribution
  • Energy, renewable energy, carbon offsets

Corporate services

  • HR services: employee compensation and benefits, contingent labor, talent management, talent acquisition, HR operations
  • Professional services: management advisory services, financial services, legal services, business process outsourcing services, language services, aviation


  • Large molecule ingredients
  • Small molecule ingredients
  • Primary packaging components (PPCs)
  • Packaging
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
  • Devices
  • External manufacturing

Site services

  • Environmental & waste management
  • Facility management (inclusive of bulk gases and archiving)
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Maintenance and repair organization (MRO)
  • Maintenance, repair and operations
  • Office supplies and office furniture
  • Real estate

Technology procurement

  • Cloud technologies
  • Information technology hardware
  • Information technology services
  • Software
  • Telecommunications

Research and development

  • Laboratory supplies and equipment
  • Discovery, preclinical and translational medicine services
  • Developmental science and clinical supply services
  • Regulatory affairs and clinical safety services
  • Observational research and real-world evidence services
  • Medical affairs and scientific affairs
  • Academic research organization services
  • Clinical research organization
    • Biostatistics, clinical monitoring services, data management, trial management, and clinical trials
  • Clinical Supplies
    • Medical equipment and accessories
  • Clinical services
    • Imaging services
    • Radiation therapy
    • Patient recruitment and retention (PRR)
    • Home health nursing
    • Rater training
    • Clinical devices
    • Interactive response technology (IRT)
  • Functional services providers

Travel, meetings, card and fleet

  • Corporate card
  • Fleet
  • Meetings- and events-related services
  • Travel program components


  • Capital equipment and automation
  • Engineering and construction services

Register as a potential small business and diverse supplier

Our procurement professionals use several sources to identify qualified suppliers, including our supplier diversity database, which lists small business and diverse suppliers.

Registration in our supplier diversity database will:

  • Ensure that we have your most up-to-date business information.
  • Enable you to upload files that will help us fully understand your company’s capabilities.
  • Confirm that your company satisfies our “proof of certification” requirements.


Once you’ve registered

  • You’ll receive an e-mail confirming that your registration is complete.
  • We’ll contact you if we have questions or need additional information.
  • We’ll contact you regarding next steps only if opportunities at Merck exist that match the products and/or services that you provide.

Please note: Registration in our supplier diversity database does not certify a supplier as an approved, qualified or authorized Merck supplier; guarantee award of a Merck contract; obligate Merck to solicit a request for quotation; or indicate that your company will be considered to bid on procurement opportunities.