Merck Animal Health Launches Protectotype™ – An Innovative Vaccination Program to Increase Infectious Bronchitis Protection in Poultry


January 28, 2013 12:52 pm ET

Infectious bronchitis (IB) is a significant challenge for the poultry industry given the speed and frequency with which the disease evolves and spreads, as well as its negative impact on bird growth and egg production. Protectotype, a novel poultry vaccination program, offers a proven approach to managing multiple strains of IB in broiler and layer flocks, a critical health challenge for U.S. poultry producers.

The Protectotype system, which is widely used in Europe, focuses on maximizing IB protection through the combination of individual vaccines. “Research results have shown that by using two vaccines, producers can achieve a broader spectrum of IB protection,” says Charles Broussard, D.V.M, MAM, Merck Animal Health. “More specifically, when a bird receives two IB vaccines, it can gain protection to three or more IB serotypes – the two known IB serotypes and newly adapted IB serotypes for which there is no existing vaccine[1].”

The resulting cross protection helps ensure healthier flocks with overall better performance, increased uniformity, and improved gain and feed performance – all of which enhance an operation’s bottom line.

“We must continually look for ways to enhance the performance of IB vaccines,” notes Mark Jackwood, Ph.D., Department Head – Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center, University of Georgia. “The results of our research show that Protectotype can provide good IB cross protection against certain strains, which is vital to poultry operations.”

To learn more about Protectotype and IB poultry vaccination, a webinar hosted by Drs. Broussard and Jackwood is available at

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[1] Jackwood. Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center – University of Georgia. “Evaluating Protection from Ciliostasis in MA5 and DE072 Vaccinated SPF Chickens Challenged With the GA11 Variant type of IBV,” 2011.

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