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Patient & caregiver resources

We are here to help. Find the resources we offer below.

Our commitment to patients

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Patient communities -- individual patients, their caregivers and families, advocacy leaders and patient organizations -- are vital to our work now and in the future. We are committed to working responsibly and ethically with them.

Patient support programs

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Patients are our purpose. That's why we offer several patient support programs. Visit our Patient Support Programs page to see if any of our programs may help you.

Clinical trials

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Medical advances can only happen through the efforts of many people, especially the patients who volunteer for clinical trials. They are our partners in research. Discover how you, a loved one, or your patient may be eligible to participate.

Patient & treatment education

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You are not alone. Find tips to support your health and wellness and get inspired by stories of people like you.

Our approach to pricing transparency

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Learn about our position on pricing and access to medicines and vaccines