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Green chemistry programs and initiatives

We’ve developed tools, initiatives and programs to help create cost-efficient manufacturing processes with low environmental impact.

Process Mass Intensity (PMI) calculation


Org. Process Res. Dev. 2022, 26, 5, 1405-1410

We’ve developed SMART PMI (in-Silico MSD Aspirational Research Tool), which is a tool that provides ambitious, molecule-aware PMI targets for our active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturing processes. PMI represents the number of kilograms of raw materials (including water) used to produce one kilogram of API manufacturing processes. We calculate the target PMI values for any API based on the chemical structure, with the aim to set aggressive targets to drive innovations in green chemistry. By utilizing this tool, chemists are challenged to invent new synthetic strategies that make the most significant impact on PMI.

Green science symposium

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Our Green & Sustainable Science symposium celebrates and reinforces the culture of empowering greener process development decisions. This annual event brings together cross-functional groups to share their work and ideas about sustainability. This symposium is one of the ways that our team can share the impact of green science and sustainable practices in our drug development activities.

New modality-appropriate metrics

For our large-molecule processes, we're pioneering new modality-appropriate metrics which outperform PMI in their ability to recommend ways of reducing the environmental impact of biologics and vaccine manufacturing.

Lifecycle analysis

We're using streamlined lifecycle analysis tools to further evaluate the environmental impacts of our processes.