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Here for Good: The human element inspiring our cancer research

Learn how one doctor turned his family connection to cancer into a career driven by scientific innovation

May 27, 2022

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Dr. Greg Lubiniecki

Advances in oncology research require a firm commitment to scientific investigation. Behind every innovation, there are countless researchers, doctors and clinicians who dedicate their lives to helping patients through scientific breakthroughs.  

At Merck, Dr. Gregory Lubiniecki, vice president, oncology clinical research, is a senior leader who oversees cancer research. He’s also a practicing clinician, continuing to see patients — adding a human connection to his research.  

For Lubiniecki, having a “one-on-one connection” with patients is important both personally and professionally, and helps to keep the patient experience at the forefront when designing clinical studies.   

Dr. Lubiniecki’s drive to pursue a career in oncology was motivated by his family’s experience with cancer — watching his mother go through surgery and chemotherapy while he was in high school — and his own scientific curiosity. “The complexity of the molecular biology involved in cancer was very intriguing to me,” he said.

Dr. Lubiniecki and his team play a critical role in advancing Merck’s effort to help save and improve lives around the world through leading-edge science. With an ongoing connection to patients and his research firmly focused on the future, Dr. Lubiniecki is excited about where cancer care may go next.  

“I’m very excited about several clinical projects that are going to try and improve the lives of patients who are fighting cancer.”

  • Dr. Gregory Lubiniecki

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