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Living with type 2 diabetes in uncertain times

One man’s story of finding support for managing his type 2 diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic

April 26, 2022

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Barry Levine and his family

More than a decade since his type 2 diabetes diagnosis, Barry Levine, who works in global customer insights at our company, has learned to manage his condition with the help of his family and friends. While his positive attitude and adaptable approach have often helped him manage a complex, chronic condition, these attributes became crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adjusting to a new normal

Because people living with type 2 diabetes are at an increased risk of serious complications from COVID-19, it was especially important for Barry to make adjustments to ensure he was protecting himself from potential infection.

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“It was a daunting task to determine how best to manage my type 2 diabetes while keeping myself safe by staying at home and social distancing.”

Barry Levine

“This meant I needed to adjust my everyday routine to include activities I could do at home – from ordering things like health care supplies online to taking walks around my neighborhood and joining online yoga classes.”

Celebrating everyday victories

For Barry’s family, friends and health care providers who are his biggest cheerleaders, showing support meant celebrating his everyday victories.

In previous years, Barry’s health care team encouraged him to do more exercise and choose healthy foods. And while he appreciated the encouragement, there were times when he felt he wasn’t doing enough. During the pandemic, his doctors acknowledged his efforts, big or small, which motivated Barry further and helped him feel good about his daily wins.

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“It’s not just looking down the road and trying to get one more day of exercise in. It’s also looking at today and celebrating what I’m doing, even with everything going on, to ensure I’m working on my health.”

Looking toward the future

It’s important that health care providers and patients keep up with their routine health care as a foundational part of maintaining wellness. Barry’s endocrinologist was always readily available and even made it a priority to see him for in-person visits throughout the year. The changes Barry made this past year to ensure he continued managing his type 2 diabetes showed him that no matter what life puts in front of him, he can adjust and successfully manage his condition. As everyday life starts to look more familiar, Barry is thankful for the ongoing support he receives.

*Barry’s story may not be representative of every patient’s experience.