Podcast: A candid conversation about diversity in clinical trials 

Hear a patient and a doctor share why they want more people involved in medical studies

May 2, 2024

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Clinical trials are an important part of helping to ensure new medicines are safe and effective. Yet a lack of awareness and feelings of hesitancy about joining one persist. 

Some people are uncertain about medical research due to past studies like the Tuskegee Experiment, when Black men were denied treatment for syphilis in the 1930s. Today, many are cautious when receiving advice from members of the medical community, including their doctors.  

Euvon Jones — a motivational artist, proud father and husband and a former clinical trial participant — hadn’t thought much about clinical trials before his diagnosis with prostate cancer, but he eventually decided to participate in a study to advance knowledge of the condition not only for himself but also for his community. 

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In this podcast, Jones joined Adrelia Allen, executive director of clinical trial patient diversity at our company, and Dr. Renee Matthews, director of live programming and production at, to share the factors that impacted his decision to participate in a clinical trial and how that experience changed his perspective on medical research.

Jones said it’s hard to trust the process if you don’t trust your health care provider or the person recommending a clinical trial. “Good information might be provided, but you have to trust that the information is good for you,” he said. 

Additionally, Matthews discussed how misinformation perpetuates stigma around clinical trials and the work that her organization is doing to help instill confidence in people who are considering participating in clinical trials.  

Learn more about how we’re prioritizing diversity in clinical trials and why it’s so important.