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Climate change: How it’s affecting your health and how businesses can help fight this global crisis

In this Teal Talks episode, we hear from leading environmental experts on the impacts of climate change on health and how businesses can make a difference

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Merck hosts supplier diversity summit

At the 2022 Billion Dollar Roundtable Summit, company leaders shared the importance of supplier diversity, how we're leading our industry and making a difference for the world

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Key takeaways from our 2021/2022 ESG Progress Report

How we’re working to ensure a safe, healthy and sustainable future for people and communities everywhere

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Advancing health equity through impact investing

Ken Gustavsen, executive director, Social Business Innovation, and impact investing portfolio manager, offers three lessons on helping advance global health goals

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Following the science of climate change

Jennifer Zachary, executive vice president and general counsel, who also leads safety, security and the environment, on our effort to help reduce the impacts of climate change