GD&I ambassador teams

Our GD&I Center of Excellence provides comprehensive and practical guidance and support for diversity and inclusion across all business practices and systems. The five GD&I ambassador teams work to integrate diversity and inclusion into our business and people strategies. 

The Global Disability Inclusion Strategy Council

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Composed of representatives from across the business, this council works to create and support a disability-inclusive culture by offering guidance on topics including universal design, digital accessibility, hiring of people with disabilities, communication and supplier diversity. It recognizes that full inclusion of people with disabilities increases creativity, innovation and productivity for employees, customers, external partners and suppliers.

The GD&I Extended Human Resources Leadership Team

This team of human resource colleagues from across the enterprise supports the global organization by facilitating the successful adoption and integration of diversity and inclusion capabilities into all practices, programs, policies and systems. A key outcome is to enable a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture — one that attracts, engages, develops, motivates and retains talent globally.

Employee Business Resource Group (EBRG) Executive Leadership Council

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Supported in myriad ways by the EBRG Executive Leadership Council, Merck’s 10 EBRGs represent almost 21,500 members worldwide. Embodying our commitment to different constituencies and enhancing communication and belonging, the EBRGs strengthen and diversify the global leadership pipeline, while providing culturally relevant insights and sensitivities that help drive our success.

GDE&I Business Consortium

This Consortium, comprised of members from Business Strategy, Supplier Diversity, Clinical Trials and other key business functions, enhances our business performance through GD&I best practices — creating a competitive business advantage and driving shareholder value. Our company’s Chief Finance Officer acts as the Consortium’s executive sponsor.

DE&I Divisional/Regional Council Steering Committee

Chairpersons of the senior level DE&I councils across the divisions and regions comprise this committee, which works to ensure alignment with our enterprise-wide DE&I strategy and initiatives as well as collaboration and alignment across councils.