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Employee business resource groups

We’ve taken a pioneering and global approach to our diversity strategy through the creation of employee business resource groups (EBRGs).

Driving an inclusive culture and supporting employee career growth

With more than 21,500 members across 10 groups, EBRGs represent diversity within our company and reflect the communities in which we live and serve.

photos of members of many EBRGs

Our EBRGs reflect who we are

For more than 50 years, we've built communities within our company that foster retention, facilitate growth, provide mentorship and strengthen networks. They also make direct contributions to our business strategy with culturally relevant insights that drive our success and improve our decision-making.


elevates our company's culture of inclusion and belonging for all Hispano-Latino employees.

Asia Pacific Association

develops future leaders, builds social community and aims to be a valued business partner by effectively promoting and leveraging Asian diversity.

capAbility Network

offers colleagues with disabilities, their caregivers and allies a safe space to connect.

Interfaith Organization

embodies a welcoming, respectful and nurturing community of faith for all employees from all spiritual paths and backgrounds.

League of Employees of African Descent

increases and strengthens the pipeline of leaders of African descent and leverages the collective cultural insights from members to drive innovation.

Native American & Global Indigenous People

builds awareness and appreciation of the culture and contributions of indigenous populations worldwide.

Next Gen Network

connects all generations by building a community where every voice is represented, accelerating business outcomes and developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Rainbow Alliance

inspires an inclusive corporate environment and supports a vibrant lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) and allies employee network.

Veterans Leadership Network

fosters mutual respect, understanding and appreciation among colleagues while promoting professional opportunities for veteran employees.

Women’s Network

provides a community where women positively engage, work toward gender equality and have opportunities for development.