Beyond Tired?

So Are They...

The National Sleep Foundation and Merck recently unveiled Beyond Tired, a new campaign highlighting the stories of four people from across the country, to learn more about their struggles and triumphs living with insomnia and their efforts to reprioritize sleep. Over the course of six weeks, viewers can follow along as they meet with a sleep expert from the National Sleep Foundation, implement new tips and behaviors into their sleep routines and share their successes and setbacks along the way via short videos, blog posts and photos on By chronicling their experiences, both the good and bad, Beyond Tired challenges insomnia sufferers to take a renewed focus on their sleep.



Zac is a husband, father of two, and co-owner of a children's theater company with his wife Tania. Zac feels his lifestyle contributes to his inability to sleep.


Jessica is a mother of two 2-year olds and realtor who struggles to stay asleep at night. She often wakes up in the middle of the night and has difficulty getting back to sleep.


Julie has struggled with insomnia for over 20 years and her lifestyle, working as a teacher and small business owner, has made it challenging for her to focus on sleep.


Jana is a mother of four (including twin girls) and a savvy social media user who runs her own blog and graphic design business. Jana struggles to both fall asleep and stay asleep.


"What's it like when you can't sleep"



Insomnia can be a frustrating, and even isolating condition, yet in the U. S., an estimated 23.5 million people experience symptoms consistent with the diagnosis of insomnia – roughly 10 percent of the adult population.

“I understand all too well how lonely it can feel when you’re lying awake at night, while everyone else is asleep. I was tired of feeling alone and knew it was time to make a change in my sleep habits,” said Zac, who has struggled with insomnia for much of his adult life.

I hope by following my journey, others will realize that they don’t have to accept insomnia as part of life and can feel inspired to try new tips and address their sleep habits.

For those suffering from insomnia, it’s important to know that help is available and that there are others, like Zac, Jessica, Julie and Jana, who struggle with their sleep. To learn more about each individual and follow weekly installments of their personal stories, visit