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A Merck survey reveals women avoid crucial conversations about their reproductive health with partners and doctors, including discussions about birth control options.

Taking the initiative to have important conversations about sexual health can be difficult sometimes. However, when it comes to a woman’s health, it is important for women to be enthusiastic and speak openly with their partners and doctors. To help women spark these important conversations about sexual health, Merck  launched an educational campaign called “Rule the Real Talk” with Dr. Logan Levkoff, a relationship and sex expert, and Dr. Rebecca Brightman, an OB-GYN and women’s health expert. This campaign is designed to help women foster these relationships with their partners and doctors by teaching them how to have important conversations about sexual health. 

Survey Findings

The majority of women (71 percent) who work to keep their relationship healthy do so by making time to communicate with their partner.

Only three in 10 of all women (31 percent) feel concerned about sexual health at least some of the time.

Almost three in 10 women (29 percent) admit they typically rely on their doctor to initiate discussions about birth control options.

One in three women in a relationship (31 percent) rarely or never talk to their partner about sexual health.

Almost one in four women (24 percent) feel uncomfortable discussing their sexual history with their doctors.

These findings further highlight the importance of women having open, honest conversations with their doctors, and working together to explore various options for birth control and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Survey Methodology
The Merck Contraception Survey was conducted by Kelton between October 8 and October 29, 2014 among 2,015 American women ages 18-40 including 1,005 current birth control users and 1,010 non-current birth control users, using an e-mail invitation and an online survey.