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Merck's mission is to turn breakthrough science into novel medicines and expand access to our products in order to improve patients' lives. To support these objectives, Merck actively seeks strategic partnerships to complement and enhance our original research and product portfolio.

Our expertise in drug discovery and development and our worldwide commercial footprint enable us to offer a flexible and innovative approach to partnering. Use this site to discover more about us and our partnership interests. Let's combine our strengths to bring the best of medicine to patients worldwide.

Business Development & Licensing

If you have discovered something significant, perhaps it's time to contact our Business Development & Licensing organization to learn how we can work together to turn your discovery's potential into reality.

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At Merck, flexibility, innovation and creativity are at the heart of the way we work with partners around the world.

Our Business Development & Licensing team works with partners to advance their science through drug discovery and development collaborations and licensing agreements that are mutually beneficial.