Redefining Health Care with Digital Innovation

We are excited to be opening our newest IT hub in Austin, Texas.

Austin joins our global family of technology hubs in Prague, Singapore and Branchburg, New Jersey, where we engage with top tech minds from across the company, academia, start-ups and the health care community to develop life-saving health solutions that will drive the core business of our company.

Operating at the intersection of technology, health care, and the life sciences, we support the invention of novel medicines, broaden access to medicine to the people who need it, and enable care through technology. We have always been and always will be inventing, and we do it for the single greatest purpose: Life.




On a daily basis, we partner with our business colleagues to take on the challenge to answer questions like: How can we help doctors enhance their engagement with patients? How can we help our scientists invent more life-saving medicines? How can we help streamline our supply and distribution channels?

To help answer these question, we are coming to Austin to partner and co-develop solutions with the local community.

Merck IT Austin Hub

We have a 24/7 hub strategy at Merck that enables us to support digital objectives across all areas of our company.

We plan to open state of the art offices in the heart of Austin. We envision an innovative environment that will foster collaboration and creativity in a relaxed atmosphere, one that will support our goal to have technology help drive business outcomes.

Come and Join Our Team!


We are excited to announce that our Austin Hub will be located in the Dell Medical School’s Health Discovery Building.

Merck offers opportunities to not only develop and expand your IT career but also make a true difference in peoples’ lives by applying our technology and data science know how to health care. Our diverse, energetic and dynamic atmosphere includes talented team members from around the globe who are committed to creating innovative health care solutions.

There, we will create an atmosphere that is similar to our other three hubs: One that brings people together to use science and technology to help improve people’s health, save lives and leverage creativity to create new models of care. While we anticipate moving into the new hub by the end of this year, we will also continue our presence in the Capital Factory in downtown Austin.

how we work

Merck IT is a large entity comprised of thousands of small teams that shift in size and direction in order to adapt to challenges and deliver results to help patients around the world.

Fields of expertise

These are just some of the ways our team in our Austin hub will
be helping to make a difference.

Our software development team is helping to build the future of health care. We use a wide variety of programming languages, including Java, Scala, JavaScript, Swift, R, and Python. We follow the latest development trends and take pride in our high standards and cross-team code reviews.
Software Development
We apply advanced data management, visualization, and mathematical modeling techniques to help our leaders make better decisions. By embedding these analytics and modeling techniques into the way our company works, we help speed the delivery of new treatments to patients who need them and improve our financial performance
Data Science & Analytics
Our IT infrastructure for global operations empowers the complex systems that allow us to plan, manage, and continuously improve IT services. These services include datacenter and application management operations as well as configuration, change, incident, and problem management. We leverage data and analytics from these processes to create more efficient operations.
Infrastructure & Operations
The enterprise information management platform is a set of technologies, architectures, and governance rules that collect, analyze, and provide access to data using business intelligence, analytics, and data warehousing. The insights gleaned from this data provide timely, reliable information to the entire company, which allows us to achieve great results at optimal cost.
Enterprise Resource Planning
Project management is the art of making things happen. Our goal is to ensure the projects are completed on schedule and on budget. We monitor project execution plans and resources and manage change approvals to make sure the scope of our portfolio supports the company mission.
Project & Program Management
Around the world our lab scientists strive to improve health and well-being through pharmaceutical discovery; by characterizing patient response in clinical trials, and by understanding intricate chemical and biological processes. Laboratory IT systems are a critical part of automating these complex activities.
Research Labs
User experience (UX) is a core driver of innovation, user adoption, and ROI for us. We leverage the UX of commercial apps with a strong focus on user needs and problems in the products that we develop.
User Experience
As society embraces value-based healthcare, we believe technology will play a larger role. Our goal is to help our company bring solutions to researchers, physicians, patients and payers that will add value to their businesses and ultimately help patients.
Digital Healthcare
Agile transformation in enterprise can provide tremendous value. We define agile transformation by the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto of Software Development. The first principle is satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
Agile Product Development

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