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Merck & Co., Inc.

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Review of Merck's research pipeline(1)
The Company's research programs span a significant number of therapeutic areas, including diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, respiratory disease, coronary heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and vaccines. The Company's programs are generally designed to focus on the development of novel medicines to address large, unmet medical needs.

Preclinical (2)
Parkinson's disease    
Rheumatoid arthritis    

Phase I (3)
Diabetes   c-3347
Obesity   c-2624, c-5093
Atherosclerosis   c-8834
Alzheimer's disease   c-7617, c-9138
Multiple Sclerosis   c-6448
Pain   c-1246
Psychiatric disease   c-9054
Respiratory disease   c-3193
Rheumatoid arthritis   c-4462, c-5997
AIDS   c-2507
Vaccines   HIV vaccine

Phase II (3)
Obesity   c-2735
Alzheimer's disease   c-9136
Urinary incontinence   c-3048
Respiratory disease   c-3885
Post-operative nausea and
Vaccines   Pediatric combination

Phase III (4)
Pediatric combination vaccine   ProQuad
Rotavirus vaccine   RotaTeq
Shingles   Zoster vaccine
Human papillomavirus   HPV vaccine (5)
Diabetes   MK-0431 (6)
Sleep disorders   MK-0928 (Gaboxadol)

2003 Submissions
Cardiovascular   Vytorin
(submitted 3Q03)
Arthritis/Analgesia   Arcoxia
(submitted 4Q03)

(1) The pipeline chart reflects the Company's research pipeline as of March 1, 2004.
(2) Preclinical areas shown are those where the Company has initiated Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) studies in compounds with mechanisms distinct from those in Phase I and II.
(3) Candidates shown in Phase I and II include the most advanced compound with a specific mechanism in a given therapeutic area. Back-up compounds, regardless of their phase of development, additional indications in the same therapeutic areas and additional line extensions or formulations for in-line products are not shown.
(4) Candidates shown in Phase III include specific products.
(5) There are competing claims to intellectual property in the HPV field, but the Company is confident that the claims will not delay the Company's program.
(6) The Company plans to enter Phase III trials with this investigational compound in second quarter 2004.

Selected licensing agreements
Partner/Licensor Target/Description
Actelion Cardiovascular
Acumen Alzheimer's disease
Alnylam RNAi
Amrad Respiratory
Celera Diagnostics Oncology
C-Sixty Neuroscience
GenPath Oncology
Kalypsys High throughput screening
Kinexis Sleep disorders
Lundbeck Sleep disorders
MerLion Anti-infectives
Metabasis Hepatitis C virus
MethylGene Antibacterials
Neurogen Pain
NicOx Nitric oxide
Sunesis Alzheimer's disease
Symyx High throughput screening
University of Dundee Kinase consortium
University of Edinburgh Neuroscience

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