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6 New Year’s resolutions Merck scientists are making in 2022

Hear what goals some of our senior scientists are tackling this year

January 19, 2022

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New Year’s resolutions are a chance for self-improvement, a time to set reasonable goals that promote positive changes in your life. And after two years in a pandemic, everyone could use some extra positivity in their lives.

Whether you resolve to procrastinate less, learn more or reconnect with colleagues, the new year is a time to reset goals and focus on new priorities. To find out what some of our innovative colleagues are hoping to accomplish this year, we asked six scientists what personal and professional resolutions they are aiming for in 2022:


Jill Richardson, Executive Director, Head of London Discovery-Biology and U.K. Neuroscience

Personal resolution: Have less screen time and try to read one novel a month, ideally set in different eras to enrich my knowledge of history

Professional resolution: Utilize emerging technologies more

“Beyond helping to deliver on the relevant milestones for projects within the portfolio, I’m going to try to spend more time thinking about how to apply the latest developments in technology to help identify new targets and bring forward a more diverse range of modalities.” 

Jill Richardson


Jesus Estrada, Senior Scientist

Personal resolution: Exercise more consistently

Professional resolution: Take more risks

“I’d like to try to learn something I haven’t learned before and master that new skill. I have a sense of security that I’ve gained in the last couple of years working here, so now it’s time to really venture into those things that I’m not familiar with.”

Jesus Estrada


Erin DiMauro, Executive Director of Discovery Chemistry 

Personal resolution: Create more time and opportunities to deeply connect with friends and extended family

Professional resolution: Expand and continue to develop mentoring experiences

“I’d like to add a few new career mentoring experiences, while maintaining and nurturing existing ones. My goal would be to establish new relationships with diverse colleagues at Merck and also individuals within my external network — with me as mentee in some and mentor in others.”

Erin DiMauro


Ajay Chawla, VP, Discovery Research, Cardiometabolic Disease

Personal resolution: Become a stronger cyclist with a focus on climbing

Professional resolution: Be a more effective leader with a focus on empathy and humility

“I need to really focus on my teams and make sure that my scientists are doing well, and that they continue to ask bigger questions and innovate within the laboratory space. It’s been challenging to connect with colleagues on a personal level with so many people working remotely, so I would really like to focus on the talent for the coming year and bring the site together collectively as one team.”

Ajay Chawla


Lily Moy, Executive Director, Biology-Discovery, Quantitative Biosciences

Personal resolution: Travel again when it’s safe to do so

Professional resolution: To connect more

“This year, I would like to make more meaningful connections with my colleagues. The pandemic has limited in-person interactions locally with teams and more broadly as an organization.  Connectivity with colleagues is important to better understand any concerns and to continue to help drive initiatives or projects forward.”

Lily Moy


Matthew Fell, Senior Director, Biology-Discovery, Neuroimmunology

Personal resolution: To prioritize my own wellbeing by being more active and working out consistently  

Professional resolution: Balance priorities more effectively

“It can be challenging to maintain progress on long term goals, such as personal development, when urgent matters emerge. In 2022, I want to resolve the burning issues while also focusing on the big picture.”

Matthew Fell