Building a responsible business: 4 Merck CEOs on our legacy & future

In this Teal Talks episode, leaders of our past and present discuss our landmark global initiatives

August 18, 2021

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For more than 130 years, Merck has been at the forefront of science, research and innovation. And with every new medicine, vaccine and product produced, our company leaders have strived to operate a responsible business — one that not only has financial success but also positively impacts society, the environment, governance and more.

But what does it really take to be a responsible business? We asked that question to four Merck leaders – all of whom have served as CEO of our company.

In Episode 3 of Teal Talks, Dr. Julie Gerberding, chief patient officer, sits down with Dr. Roy Vagelos (CEO 1985-1994); Dick Clark (CEO 2005-2011); Ken Frazier (CEO 2011-2021); and current Merck CEO Rob Davis. Together, they look back at their accomplishments with an eye to the future — and open up about building some of our most successful programs and initiatives. 

"We’ve always been a company that thought it was important to be compassionate. Not just to the people in those markets that can pay for our medicines, but also compassionate to the most vulnerable people on the planet."

Ken Frazier

Executive chairman and former CEO

“It really fills me with a lot of pride what this company has been able to do, the impact we’ve been able to have. It was the ongoing commitment of this company to doing what is right for society, it’s the legacy we have of helping underserved communities and countries,” said Davis.

“Merck has always been a company that runs to the world’s biggest health care challenges.”

Rob Davis

Chief executive officer and president, Merck

Watch the video below to hear more from Davis and three of our former CEOs in Teal Talks Episode 3: